Reclaiming the Cult

Betty Friedan called it “The Feminine Mystique.” Before her, it was the “Cult of Domesticity.” The concept has been around for centuries, and no matter what you call it, it sucks. This pervasive, false notion that a woman’s calling lay at the bottom of a pie tin, her destiny at her stovetop.

Placed in those terms, it sounds pretty antiquated. (And rightly so!) But we still see hints of The Feminine Mystique popping up all around us. We see it in the frat bros jokingly telling their girlfriend to “shut up and make me a sandwich.” We see it in the reporters asking successful actresses, scientists, and businesswomen “How do you balance work and taking care of the kids?” We see it in the patriarchal forces that keep women out of the workforce, let alone the corner office.

That’s where feminism comes in. I think we can all agree that feminism is a pretty damn awesome thing. (Meninists, you can take a seat. In the words of boss bitch Leslie Knope, “You’re ridiculous, and men’s rights is nothing.”) But with every bra burnt, we’ve inched closer and closer to a world wherein women feel the need to “man up” and leave their kitchens behind in favor of more acceptable, ambitious pursuits.

Well, to that we kindly say: FUCK THAT SHIT.

We believe that the kitchen can be a powerful center of rebellion, as well as source of all things buttery and delicious, which is why we are here to reclaim the Cult of Domesticity. We want to honor the awesome ladies (and men, and everyone in between) who have fought tooth and nail for gender equality. And we will honor them the best way we know how: with fucking scrumptious baked goods.

Because, let’s be real: the best replacement for the patriarchy isn’t a matriarchy.

It’s The Bakeriarchy.


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